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OUT APRIL 19th 2024:

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Orange Mountain Music is proud to present Philip Glass’s “Etudes for Piano” performed by Dutch pianist Feico Deutekom. Following up on his successful first album on OMM, “Musical Offering” Deutekom’s new album is a new examination of Glass’s piano Etudes, one of the landmark bodies of work in the 21 st Century, from a new perspective.
The most common approach for pianists is as “completists” and to simple record Glass’s twenty Etudes in straight order. Deutekom, one of the preeminent Glass specialists on the scene today, takes a much more personal approach. Deutekom performs and records the 
Etudes in a sequence which tells a very different story from Glass’s own order. In fact, there’s a historical case to be made for re-sequencing Glass’s Etudes as the composer did himself
when he renumbered 1-6 after the premieres.
The result is a travelogue – a time-traveling musical adventure with a different dramatic arc from the familiar sequence. Beginning with Etude No.2, Deutekom then jumps ahead more than a decade of compositional time to Etude No.17, then backwards to No. 16, then further back to No.4...the listener is transported by Deutekom’s playing in the form of an old story told in a new way.
Recorded in Middelburg in the Netherlands, the album has a four page booklet inside a digipack and cover art by the renowned artist Johannes Bosgra - ORANGE MOUNTAIN MUSIC
Deutekom's readings are more forceful than others, less "minimalist," and more oriented toward the sharp contrasts in some of the pieces. In any event, one has the feeling here that the Glass etudes are works that are still revealing their secrets, and to have this new perspective is a positive development - ALLMUSIC

Listen the singles on Spotify:


Feico Deutekom

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