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Videoclip FACADES by Manny Nickpour, projections Johannes Bosgra, photos Janiek Dam

DSC_0038 (2)

FEICO SOLO Concert and CD Presentation, Amersfoort Feb. 11 2018. Photos: Janiek Dam

Charcoal art: Ron Amir    Photos: Janiek Dam

Philip Glass & Friends at Rabozaal/Melkweg Amsterdam Oct 23, 2017. Photos: Janiek Dam

Philip Glass private birthday party WOW Amsterdam Oct 21 2017. Photos: Janiek Dam


Philip Glass and Friends Festival October 21-23 2016, with Tara Hugo and Laurie Anderson

Attacca Ensemble, Melkweg Amsterdam April 12, 2014. Photos Janiek Dam

Attacca Ensemble with Chris Saris & Lavinia Meijer, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam October 30, 2013. Photos: Marcel Molle


Philip Glass & Attacca Ensemble, Melkweg/Rabozaal Amsterdam May 11, 2014. Photos Janiek Dam, Wybo Miedema

Copyright Theo van Ooij

With Douwe Eisenga

With Douwe Eisenga and Anthony Fiumara

With Anthony Fiumara

Poster Feico Solo Amstelkerk 2018-page-001

Amstelkerk Amsterdam April 22, 2018. Photos Janiek Dam, Theo v Ooij

Feico Deutekom

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